The Falling Tower

We are all one from the source of all creation
Just like the Buddah said
In his state of pure elation
We can resonate his smile
Liberate drama from our lives
And find the calm wise child
Longs to shine out from our eyes
Then appears the earthly crone
Just wishing to share her peace
So we open to her teachings
Until we find release
From the darkness of the night
And the cave of restless thought
A remarkable omni-presence
Rises from the source
Penetrates our thinking with a deep and potent bliss
As we surrender all our suffering on the tides of what’s amiss
To deepen in totality
Merge with the setting sun
Become the glistening on the oceans
And the lightness of the one
We can surf the long black night
We can take it in our stride
Aware, alert and present
As the candle flame inside
We can soar off cliffs with eagles
In our long forgotten dreams
And awaken to the dawning of our consciousness supreme
And the beauty that’s before us
Fills us beyond mind
All we can do is fade into the rhythm of the tide
An ocean lies before us
An ocean is inside
Just fade into the beauty of the rhythms in your mind
Fringed with long lost melodies
From times and places far
Unfold into remembering
Your deep and distant star
Your origin, your entry point
From where this all began
Let’s marvel at it all
Inside this master plan
Somehow it all makes sense
Despite the pain and trauma
Despite the damaged minds
And all the lies and rumours
All pollution has dissolved
All we feel is ocean’s peace
Now awakened in our senses we truly find release
There was no hidden trick
To push you back in dirt
To rip you more apart
Leave you defeated in your hurt
The healing shades of green and blue
Diffuse into your heart
Life ahead looks different
Like it did right at the start
A sense of all is possible
And all your dormant dreams
Are needing to be kissed by you
So they can flow in endless streams
Of colours unimaginable
And fragrances of birth
As the shadow becomes a dance with you
And a blessing to this earth
And the sun sets on the mountain top
As you dance forever more
In an orange cosmic bubble
Floating to the serpents door
And you step into the garden of blossoming creation
The safety that you feel restores your pure vibration
Spread the healing wide
Let your peace reach to all hearts
Live life in your microcosm playing your vital part
Feel your centre and align to the shining sacred core and surrender to the essence of the oneness more and more
Breathe into the peace
Breathe into the bliss
Breathe into your presence and live your life like this
Gradually you will see the beauty in each day
As order sets your life straight and peace becomes your way
With kindness in your actions
Compassion in your words
Non judgement in your mind
The silence can be heard
The spaciousness consumes you like a vast and open flower
As you rest within the lotus and transcend the falling tower